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About us

VITTO TEA BOARD, s.r.o. is supplying tea and beverages under the VITTO TEA brand to the European market. To date, we can offer to our business partners and consumers more than 150 blends of fruit, black, green and herbal teas in different packaging formats, thus reaching the widest range of customers from general consumers, gourmets, pharmaceutical distribution companies to multinational retail chains.

We aim to offer

  • Quality and affordable products
  • Wide portfolio
  • Complete customer-oriented service


Products under the VITTO TEA brand are made from carefully selected raw materials for which the HACCP critical points system is built, documented and implemented. Furthermore, our company holds ORGANIC (CZ-BIO-002) and ISO 9001: 2009 certificates for production, logistics, purchase, storage and distribution of goods. We regularly perform laboratory analyzes of products in an accredited laboratory.

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